Estonia e-Residency Program

Minimum Investment:
e-Residency in:
1 month
Online company setup and
digital signature
Visa free countries:
Overview Estonia
e-Residency is an electronic identification that allows the bearer to the use online services of the Estonian government. Specifically, E-Residency enables citizens to start a location independent business; conduct e-banking and transfer money remotely, access online payment service providers, and submit Estonian tax declaration online.
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The e-resident digi-ID can be issued to any foreigner who has links with the country of Estonia or a reasonable interest in using public services in Estonia, and who:
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Is not a foreigner residing in Estonia with a residence permit or a right of residence.
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Is not a foreigner who is staying in Estonia under the International Military Co-operation Act, holding an identity card or residence card issued by the Police and Border Guard Board.

Why Choose Estonia e-Residency Programme?

  • E-Residency allows you to set up a company within the EU with a very fast application process and no paperwork. Everything is carried out online, cutting down on red tape and bureaucracy.
  • E-Residency gives the e-resident the ability to sign and authenticate documents online, securely and safely.
  • E-Residents can conduct online banking and access international payment services, such as Pay Pal. This makes it incredibly simple to sell goods and services online.
  • Estonian online systems allow you to administer a company remotely, declare taxes and do accounts using Estonian government software. This saves significant time and money.
  • E-Residents can gain access to the EU market without establishing a physical company presence in Europe. An office address is required to set up a company in Estonia; Ousheng Capital is on hand to assist you in this regard.
  • Estonia has an advantageous tax system for companies. There is a 0% corporation tax on undistributed profits that are re-invested. Estonia also has double taxation treaties with a number of countries.
  • The application process is quick and easy. You can become an e-resident in just a few weeks.


An application consists of basic information
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your interest and motivations behind applying for e-Residency
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background check
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Card can then be collected