Residency by Investment

Minimum Investment:
European Union member:
Family members:
Citizenship in:
6 years
Overview United Kingdom
The Tier 1 (Investor) visa is designed for high net worth individuals who want to relocate themselves and their family to the UK. After making the initial investment, the investor is granted a residence visa for 3 years and 4 months. After 6 5 years citizenship can be applied for. There is no requirement to demonstrate English language ability, and work, study and certain business activity is permitted.
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Investment Requirements

Applicants may choose one of the following investments:
  • Applicants must invest at least £2,000,000 in government bonds, share capital or loan capital in active UK enterprises.
  • If £5,000,000 is invested, the investor can apply to settle after 3 years.
  • If £10,000,000 is invested, settlement can be applied for after 2 years.


Investors must meet the following criteria:
Residence & Citizenship Icon 1
Principal applicant must be over 18 years old
Residence & Citizenship Icon 2
Must make the required investment
Residence & Citizenship Icon 3
Must have a UK bank account
Must not have a criminal record

Additional Requirements

  • Applicants must be able to prove that the money belongs to them or to their husband, wife, unmarried or same-sex partner.
  • The investment must be committed for five years (after which investors can apply for leave for permanent residence).
  • The funds must be held in one or more regulated financial institutions and free to spend in the UK.

Why Choose United Kingdom Citizenship by Investment Programme?

  • This programme confers the right to move freely to the United Kingdom; thereby enjoying all the benefits of settlement, including but not limited to; purchase property, work, open a bank account, and marry.
  • Family members can accompany the investor to the UK, as long as the appropriate applications are completed.
  • The UK has free medical care services. The UK National Health Service (NHS) was established in 1948, and provides all UK residents with free health care and treatment.
  • There is no work restrictions associated with this visa and there is no need to apply for any work permits.
  • The UK is internationally recognised as a global business leader and is home to the largest financial centre (London), many leading universities and research institutions (e.g. University of Cambridge and University of Oxford), 6th best globally to run a business (World Bank), lowest corporate tax rate of G7 countries (28%), and strong communications and IT infrastructure.
  • The UK will be a member of the European Union until approximately spring 2019. Citizens are free to live, work, study and do business in any EU member state and in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. A UK passport comes with the freedom to travel to 156 countries around the world, visa-free and hassle-free.


5 years in total, broken up as follows:
Investor visa is granted for:
3 years and4 months
Residence & Citizenship Time Arrow
Extended for:
2 years
Residence & Citizenship Time Arrow
Citizenship applied for after:
5 years (based on £2 million investment)

Residency Process

  • After the preparation of materials, applications are made online and supporting documents are submitted. The applicant must show that they intend and are able to make the investment, and that they satisfy all application criteria
  • The applicant is invited to provide their biometric details. A decision is only made after the biometric details are supplied, after which the supporting documents are returned to the applicant.
  • In order to extend residency, it must be shown that the investment has been maintained. Interest and dividend payments may be withdrawn, as long as the investment amount remains the same.
  • After the required length of residency, permanent residency (indefinite leave) can be applied for.
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