Residency by Investment

Minimum Investment:
Residency in:
Minimum 2 months
Generations of dependents:
Visa free countries:
All Schengen Area
Overview Lithuania
Investors can receive a Lithuanian residency permit by forming a Lithuanian company or by purchasing a Lithuanian company. The company should be involved in activities which are beneficial to Lithuania. The initial permit is issued for one year and is renewable every two years thereafter. Permanent residency may be applied for after 5 years.
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Investors can choose to do one of the following:
  • The investor should run the company for at least 6 months before application.
  • The company should employ at least 3 Lithuanian residents.
  • A share capital of €28,000 needs to be invested in the company, at least €14,000 of which should be the investor’s own capital.
  • The applicant should have a leading position in the Lithuanian company.
  • The investor is requested to prove having a place of residence in Lithuania that meets requirements.


Investors must meet the following criteria:
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over 18 years old
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Proof of good character
Residence & Citizenship Icon 3
Company undertaking genuine economic activities
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Must reside in Lithuania for at least 6 months every year

Why Choose Lithuania Citizenship by Investment Programme?

  • Lithuania has a very pro-business environment with favourable tax rates and a multi-lingual, highly-skilled workforce.
  • After five years of continuous residence, the applicant can apply for permanent residency. After ten years, the applicant can apply for citizenship, though knowledge of the Lithuanian constitution and language is required.
  • Residence permit holders can travel freely in the Schengen area.
  • Residence permit holders have the right to purchase property and work in Lithuania.
  • Income taxes are very reasonable by European standards – income tax is just 15%.


Citizenship of Lithuania can be acquired by naturalisation after ten years of continuous residence in the Lithuania with a valid residence permit. Applicants must pass an examination that includes a test of Lithuanian language proficiency. Investors can apply for residence permits if they make an appropriate business investment and meet certain conditions.

Core Advantages:

  • Lithuania is a member of the European Union. Citizens are free to live, work, study and do business in any EU member state and in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.
  • Lithuanian passport holders can enjoy visa-free entry to 149 countries and territories, visa-free.
  • Descendants of the applicant will retain citizenship. Spouses can apply for citizenship after the applicant is naturalised.
  • Donations to the government of Lithuania are not required.


10 years of legal residence in Lithuania
Residence & Citizenship Icon 1
Applicant must have a legal source of income
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Must state their intention to renounce their previous citizenship
Pass an examination in the Lithuanian language and have knowledge of the Lithuanian constitution