Residency by Investment

Minimum Investment:
Residency in:
Minimum 2 months
Generations of dependents:
Visa free countries:
All Schengen Area
Overview Latvia
Non-EU/EEA investors and entrepreneurs can become residents of Latvia by making certain investments in Latvia or by purchasing Latvian real estate. The minimum amounts and types of investment are established by law. The cost of the visa is currently €25,000 in the case of bank deposits, or 5% in the case of value in the case of a purchase of real estate.
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Investors can choose to do one of the following:
  • Purchase Real Estate - An investor can purchase one or several properties in Latvia. The minimum investment amount is €250,000.
  • Start a Business - The investor must make an initial investment of around €35,000 and must also pay yearly taxes of not less than about €30,000.
  • Make a Bank Deposit - The investor may deposit an amount in a Latvian bank of not less than €300,000 over a term of at least five years. An agreed-upon interest rate is payable.


Investors must meet the following criteria:
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over 18 years old
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Proof of good character
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Sufficient means of support
Adequate health insurance

Why Choose Latvia Citizenship by Investment Programme?

  • Latvia has a very pro-business environment with favourable tax rates and a highly educated and competitive workforce, skilled in multiple languages. Company registration is straightforward and fast; can be done in one day.
  • Latvia has low costs and a high standard of living.
  • There is no actual residency requirement: one day in Latvia per year will suffice. Family members can also be included in the residence permit applications.
  • Latvia is a member of the European Union (EU) and the Eurozone, as well as the Schengen zone.
  • Latvia’s location acts as a gateway between Western Europe and CIS states. Latvia has excellent transport links, including three ice-free ports, direct rail link to Russia, flights to all major European cities from Riga airport.
  • Latvia has a charming landscape of fertile lands, forests and undeveloped coastline.
  • After five years of continuous residence, the applicant can apply for permanent residency. After ten years, the applicant can apply for citizenship.


Latvian citizenship can be acquired by naturalisation after ten years of residence in Latvia including five years of permanent residence before the application. Applicants must pass an examination that includes a test of language proficiency, and tests on the country’s history, culture, constitution and national anthem. Applicants must also prove they have a source of income, and show proof of their entrepreneurial and economic activities they carry on in Latvia (if applicable). Applicants will need to show proof that their previous nationality has been renounced, or will automatically be renounced upon the taking up of Latvian citizenship.

Foreign citizens may also obtain citizenship through exceptional naturalisation, at the discretion of the Government of Latvia. Applicants must have a guaranteed, permanent source of income, a clean criminal record and must have settled all tax obligations.

Core Advantages:

  • Latvia is a member of the European Union. Investors and their families are free to live, work, study and do business in any EU member state and in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.
  • Latvian passport holders can enjoy visa-free entry to 148 countries and territories.
  • Descendants of the applicant will retain citizenship. Spouses can apply for citizenship after the applicant is naturalised.
  • Donations to the Government of Latvia are not required.


over 15 years old and with no criminal record
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Applicant must have had 10 years of residence in Latvia, including 5 years of permanent residence
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Must renounce their former citizenship
Fluent in the Latvian language and have knowledge of the constitution