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A small country located right in the heart of the Mediterranean, its people known for the warmth of their welcome, their hospitality and their generosity. Malta is blessed with numerous beautiful natural attractions, as well as many museums and temples to suit all tastes.
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A Mediterranean archipelago blessed with warm weather and abundant sunshine, Malta has long been a favorite for holidaymakers and honeymooners. Malta boasts pristine beaches, quaint old towns, delicious Mediterranean cuisine and one of the most enviable climates in the world. But there is more to modern Malta than a luxurious getaway.

Malta has had a rich history, evidenced by the ancient buildings and temples dotted around the islands. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta was an important strategic location and it has been occupied by many diverse ethnic groups. The islands have been occupied by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Normans. The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem held sway for over 250 years but were later expelled by France in the late eighteenth century. In the 19th century, Malta became a British dominion, and it officially declared independence in 1964 within the British Commonwealth. The culture of Malta reflects the various societies that have come to Malta through the centuries and there is a rich multicultural mix rooted in its society.

Malta joined the EU in 2004, and it became a member of the Schengen Area in 2007. It is the only Commonwealth country that is also a part of the Schengen Area, the European Union, and the Eurozone. Major sectors of the Maltese economy include tourism, electronics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, gaming, information and communication technology, and financial services. Malta’s economy has remained vibrant, despite the Global Economic Crisis, and its recent positive growth rates look set to continue.

Malta: Factsheet

  • Official Name:Republic of Malta
  • Geographic Location:Central Mediterranean Sea
  • Capital:Valletta
  • National Day:21 / September
  • Population:445,462 (2014 Census)
  • Population density:1410 per km2
  • Major ethnic group:Maltese
  • Official languages:Maltese, English
  • Currency:Euro
  • Religion:Roman Catholic
  • Land area:316km2
  • Total GDP:US $14,129,000
  • Per capita GDP:US $33,215

Why Choose Malta?

  • Malta is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, six hours ahead of American Eastern Standard Time, so it is suited for international business, and ideal for reaching the international community.
  • Malta has an extensive double taxation agreement network and is party to the major international treaties and conventions relating to exchange of information between states and promoting tax transparency.
  • Along with Luxembourg and Edinburgh, rated one of Europe’s top three best places for insurance, funds and investments.
  • With its fine reputation, Malta attracts many international investors.
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