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Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world, at just 2,586km2. Yet it truly punches above its weight, with an enviable economy, a global financial centre and an exceptionally high per capita GDP.
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Luxembourg is a landlocked state in Western Europe, and shares borders with Germany, France and Belgium. The northern part of the country is quite hilly, while the rest of the country is relatively flat, ranging from forested areas and broad, undulating valleys to flat plains. The climate is oceanic, with warm summers, cool winters and high precipitation.

Most people in Luxembourg are Luxembourgish, though higher rates of immigration in recent years have been evidenced by large minorities of Portuguese and Italians. Most citizens of Luxembourg are tri-lingual, speaking French and Luxembourgish, as well as standard German. National identity was strengthened by people’s resistance to German occupation during the two world wars. People see their cultural values as sharing much in common with French values, and the cuisine is said to incorporate French and German elements.

Luxembourg is a significant centre of business, politics and banking in Europe. It has a highly developed economy and one of the highest rates of per capita GDP in the world. The economy is highly diversified, with banking, industry and steel production being major industries. Luxembourg is a member of the EU, as well as the Eurozone, the OECD, the WTO and the Schengen area. Luxembourg City is home to a number of EU institutions and is seen as one of the three capitals of Europe, along with Brussels and Strasbourg.

Luxembourg has an enviable location and a very high quality of life. For investors who wish to live at the heart of Europe and in a dynamic financial and political centre, Luxembourg is an excellent option for residency.

Luxembourg: Factsheet

  • Official Name:Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Geographic Location:North-West Europe
  • Capital:Luxembourg City
  • National Day: June 23rd
  • Population:569,676 (2015)
  • Population density:214.8 per sq. km (2014)
  • Major ethnic group:Luxembourger 54.1%, Portuguese 16.4%, French 7%, Italian 3.5%, Belgian 3.3%, German 2.3%, British 1.1%, other 12.3% (2015)
  • Official languages:French, Luxembourgish, German
  • Currency:Euro
  • Religion:Roman Catholicism
  • Land area:2,586 km2
  • Total GDP:57.79 billion USD (2015)
  • Per capita GDP:101,449.97 USD (2015)