What we do

Ousheng & Partners provides a range of services for high-net-worth investors seeking high-quality overseas residency solutions. Our professional and dedicated team has many years of successful experience in overseas residence and citizenship-by-investment programmes, and can advise and assist with all concerns inherent in relocation, including legal matters, property acquisition, and access to medical and education services.

Through our combination of industry-specific expertise and deep local knowledge, we provide our clients with a uniquely professional, tailored, and reliable service. Let us help you take your first steps towards greater security and opportunity for you and your family.

What we provide

Expert Knowledge:

Our experienced and professional team has many years of practical experience, and is capable of easily and efficiently helping you find the best residency or citizenship solution, regardless of your needs.

Tailored Integration:

We provide advice in all aspects of your relocation, including education, banking and finance, accommodation, community and health services, and community integration.

Ideal Solutions:

Each family’s situation is different; therefore we work on a case-by-case basis to find a solution to perfectly match your family’s needs.

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Global residency solutions:

Global Residency refers to the potential to relocate from one country or region to another. The trend towards Global Residency is perhaps one of the most prominent phenomenon’s of the 21st century. Although this concept has existed for a long time, it has only recently garnered significance as the number of affluent citizens seeking to expand their horizons beyond their countries borders has increased tenfold. People decide to this for a multitude of reasons, whether it be for work, study, family commitments, or even to achieve personal goals. Let Ousheng help you and your family along this exciting path.

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Integrated network:

We have an integrated network of partners whose experience working in the Global Residency field has enabled us to help build the world of tomorrow. We draw on past experiences, current trends, and client expectations and dreams to utilise the vast array of knowledge we have acquired in order to provide you with everything you need to feel comfortable in your new home.