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An increasingly globalized world has led to more and more American and Asian Multinational’s seek to establish a European headquarters. Switzerland is a country that consistently ranks near the top of these companies lists when it comes to their chosen destination. Below are some of the reasons why Switzerland makes such a business-friendly location for investors:

Excellent strategic location:

Situated in the heart of Europe and surrounded by several major markets such as France, Germany, and Austria. These surrounding export markets make Switzerland a strategic location for business’ of all domains seeking to be within touching distance of the vast European market.


The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitive Report consistently ranks Switzerland in the top countries worldwide relating to the overall quality of its infrastructure. It has extremely well developed roads, highways, public transport, numerous airports, and excellent Wi-Fi speeds, all of which are critical to business success.


The World Economic Forum also ranks Switzerland as the most overall “competitive” country worldwide. The countries globalized view of the world economy has led numerous multinational tech, IT, and pharmaceutical companies choose Switzerland as the home. Moreover, although not strictly a EU country, Switzerland does benefits from several important free trade agreements with many countries worldwide.

Investment Value:

IBM’s Global Trends report also ranks Switzerland as the second best country worldwide in terms of average investment project value.

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Talented Workforce:

Switzerland is home to an extremely well-trained workforce, consistently ranking in the top countries for supply of accomplished, experienced staff. The high standard of education in the country has led to a competitive workplace where positive output is highly valued. Furthermore, an overwhelming majority of the population speaks English, the language of Business.

Banking and Finance:

The Swiss banking and finance sector is world renowned for its incredible sustainability and the consistent returns.

Strong Government Policies:

The Swiss government has adopted an extremely business-orientated approach, with liberal laws. This has seen the economy flourish on the world stage. When coupled with the attractive tax system offered to companies it is no wonder why Switzerland is seen as an extremely favourable business environment.

Quality of Life:

Switzerland ranks 1st on the Quality–of-Life index, indicating the standard of living its citizens enjoy. A low crime rate, coupled with a magnificent natural geographical setting and high wages lead residents to enjoy a very high-standard of living.