In todays interconnected society, the distance, both literal and figurative between people and countries has shrunk. An increasing number of countries are willing to provide the opportunities the world over to relocate to their country, provided they make the relevant investment.

Factors to Consider include:

The Global Residency Phenomenon 5
  • Your motivation for moving: Some common motivations may include lower taxes; personal and family safety; a second passport; starting or expanding a business; moving closer to relatives; and/or better education for your children.
  • Your preferred relocation type: These include Complete, Partial or Resident Tourist.
  • The investment type: These include complete with an active investment; partial with real estate; or live as a resident tourist with living expenses.
  • Will you need to learn a new language. Is this something you are willing to do or would you rather move to a country that already speaks your language.
  • What is your preferred timeframe. Some countries may take longer than others to attain residency and/or citizenship.
  • What are the tax consequences of your action.
  • How much will it cost to relocate in total. Factors to consider would include rent; the cost of living; education; health insurance etc.
  • Is the target country with your budget.