Benefits of second residency

The benefits associated with attaining a second citizenship are plentiful. The most obvious of which is that you can relocate, with your family to the country of your choosing, thereby attaining all the benefits associated with residency; such as access to health care services, education services, a more comfortable lifestyle etc. Moreover, many countries have low tax systems (for example Irelands corporation tax rate is just 12.5%), as well as mutual tax agreement so as to avoid any form of double taxation. As global residency and immigration by investment specialists we can accurately recommend the perfect program to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

Another key advantage is that after completion of your residence program, many countries will offer the option of citizenship. This essentially involves you gaining the same rights, standards, and treatment as a native citizen of your chosen country. This means you can become a holder of the countries passport which is both highly favourable and convenient. This likely means that you will be able to travel to a significantly larger number of countries without the hassle associated with acquiring a visa. As with many globally minded investors, it is likely that international travel, whether it is for leisure or for business is a fundamental part of your life. Therefore, obtaining a second residency truly is your passport to the world.

You will also benefit from living in a country which likely has an extremely high quality of life. Most European countries, particularly those in Western Europe rank highly on all indexes related to the standards of living enjoyed by its citizens. For example, the Numbeo Quality of Life index 2017 lists 6 European countries in the top 10 worldwide, pertaining to the standard of living. Furthermore, several countries immigration-by investment programs do not even require a physical presence of the part of the investor. They simply require you to make the associated investment, and through this you qualify for all the additional benefits associated without the need to relocate. This option is extremely valuable option for investors who may be unable or incapable of moving for personal or professional reasons. We go into more details regarding the specific benefits of each individual country in the relevant country section.