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Client Services

Ousheng prides itself in providing a unique and extensive care programme for our clients and their families, ensuring that your move and even visits to your chosen destination are a smooth transition logistically, practically, and even socially. Many of our team are expatriates ourselves, therefore we understand that moving to an unfamiliar country, leaving behind the comforts and familiarity of home for the experience of an entirely new culture and lifestyle can be an intimidating process. However, we take great care in ensuring that the process is not only easy, but also enjoyable – welcoming you and your family into our local network of Ousheng families in Europe and ensuring a seamless integration through our extensive network of contacts and events. Our client care programme lasts for the duration of your investment, but our Ousheng Community lasts a lifetime.

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We provide an extensive pre-arrival programme to ensure everything goes smoothly on:

Welcome pack: All clients will receive a welcome pack with key information pertaining to their selected destination.

Accommodation: We will assist you with your initial accommodation arrangements, ensuring both you and your family have a suitable place to stay.

Education: Before you arrive, we will provide you with information regarding potential schools that suits both you and your child/children’s needs. We will help you to view, select and register your children with the local school of your choice.

Banking: Before you arrive, we can provide you with information pertaining to the banking system in the host country. Our experts fully understand the intricacies of international financing, with many jurisdictions enjoying a highly advantageous economic relationship.

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Truly personal care: We provide a dedicated liaison that will be by your side for the first part of your stay in your chosen destination. This is to ensure that you always have someone to help answer your queries, or assure you have everything you need.

Community and healthcare services: We will assist you and your family in registering within the domestic healthcare system, as well as any other services you may require to aid your unencumbered integration into your local community.

Education: We will help you to liaise with the school authorities to ensure that you are updated at every stage of the process. We will liaise with schools to arrange visits to be conducted by a school representative (subject to availability). We will accompany you to prearrange the school visits and remain with you throughout the duration of the visit to answer any questions. Once your application has been accepted we will accompany you and your child to assist with the signing of contracts for their school place and to answer any questions you may have.

Banking and Financial Advice: Our liaison will help you to set up your international banking.

Accommodation: We will contact local estate agents in your preferred location to arrange property viewings. We will accompany you to the designated property viewing and stay with you throughout the duration of the visit to answer any questions. We will help you gather all the necessary paperwork to apply for a property. We can also submit your application on your behalf. Once accepted we will accompany you to assist with the signing of contracts. We will source quotes from internet/utilities/waste service providers to get you the best value service appropriate to your needs. We will also assist you wit signing contracts and setting up a direct debit.